• Magazine feature at NZ Reseller News: Security alert! Security alert!
  • Blog in Saugatuck Lens360: Asian Mobility: A Different Wheel Driving the Same Cart
  • Blog in Saugatuck Lens360: Validation of Asian Cloud Trends. in Lens360.
  • Briefing report at Cutter Consortium: Blossoms Beyond the Wall: SaaS in China
  • Report at Saugatuck: 1049MKT The Emerging Asian Cloud: Growing Swiftly and Different from the West
  • Report at Saugatuck: 1077MKT The Asian Cloud: Were We Right?
  • Report at Saugatuck: 1230MKT Different Growth from Different Ground: Blossoming of the Asian Cloud:
  • Report at Saugatuck: 1234MKT Characterizing Mobility in Asia – and Its Implications for IT:
  • Research alert at Saugatuck: 1118RA Channeling China: Send in the Clones and Follow the Cloud


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